Eminent Publication For Floodplain Managers Turns 17

The job of a floodplain manager is fundamental to the efficient management of floodplain resources as well as flood mitigation. He or she also the chief community administrator in the implementation of flood loss reduction activities daily which includes enforcing the ordinance of the community regarding flood damage prevention, updating flood maps, projects, and plans as well as policies of the locality.

Being a floodplain manager is a complex and tough job. However, with the help of floodplain management newsletters, an essential publication for floodplain managers, the whole thing becomes more accessible and more straightforward for them.

Floodplain Manager is a monthly newsletter posted on their website. The reason why this publication was made is that Steven Molino the current editor of Floodplain Manager and the Managing Director of Molino Stewart wants to update and connect floodplain managers throughout Australia.

After attending several conferences, I was surprised at how little floodplain management professionals from around Australia knew about what was happening outside of their State, let alone around the world.  There was also evidence that scarce funding for flood mitigation initiatives was being used to develop innovative flood mitigation ideas in one state when the same or similar innovations had already been developed and tested elsewhere”, says Steven Molino

He also realized that the lack of vital information sharing within the profession came at a high cost to the taxpayer. This is why he decided to create this publication.

When he published in 2005 the first edition of this publication, it was an experiment that had arisen from a sense of frustration. Steven Molino was invited by the national and international organization to attend forums and discussions on flooding. He was surprised to know that lots of professional floodplain managers all over the country weren’t aware of the latest concepts in floodplain management being used in other places.

While these forums and discussions were good at sharing this information, they were lack and far between and only by invitation. What bothered Steven was that limited disaster grant funding was being utilized to support research or pilot studies in one region for work that was similar to what has been done in another place a couple of years ago.

To address this issue, Steven printed an 8-page newsletter that shared info the newest data, research, resources as well as events with eight practitioners all over the Australia who were more than willing to give out $99 on the yearly subscription fee. In just a short period, this publication grew, and in the year 2012, it became a digital newsletter send to subscribers for free via email. Now, it has over 800 subscribers all over the world. With the launching of the new Molino Stewart, the company also decided to launch an essential publication so anyone can access it.

Floodplain Manager Publication is published monthly on Molino Stewarts website. So, those who want to become a subscriber, please feel free to visit the site or contact Steven Molino for further details.


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